20 Amazing Examples of Owl Camouflage

Gorgeous as it is, nature is the place where everyone has to fight for itself to survive. This is why most of them have developed some amazing camouflage techniques to be able to hide while resting or nesting.

Feathered animals have mastered the art of disguise of three different types: they either use color, marking or posture camouflage. A snowy owl, for example, can hardly be seen in winter; some birds pick the trees with a bark that resembles their feather patterns; and some even position themselves in a certain way to blend in the surroundings.

This time we put together a very deceptive selection of owl camouflage. These birds are real forest ninjas. If you think you see nothing but a tree or a rock in the picture, take a closer look and you’re in for a surprise!

Image credits: eoiarucasadvancedone.blogspot

Image credits: Lizard Martini

Image credits: P A B S

Image credits: strangetravel.com

Image credits: wikipedia.org

Image credits: Marianna Armata

Image credits: pathatch.com

Image credits: Vladimir Popov / Uhaiun

Image credits: Reggie Tidwell

Image credits: Bob MacDonnell

Image credits: Irawan Subingar

Image credits: Nathan Lovas

Image credits: Michael & Richard Webster

Image credits: bugtrumpet 

Image credits: pbase

Image credits: Rum Village Park

Image credits: Usanimallovers.com

Image credits: Simon Litten

Image credits: indulgy.com

Image credits: Terry Townshend


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