Giant Viruses And Cells Dolls

GIANT microbes” are plush dolls that look like common microbes and cells. The product line was introduced in July 2002 and has been enthusiastically received at a retail level. At the beginning manufacturers expected the dolls to be used for educational purposes by doctors and teachers, but a large part of interest has come from the general public. The combination of humor, education, and sympathy resonates with parents, children, educators, pediatricians, science buffs and many others.

So, if you’d like to get Swine Flu, Syphilis or any other disease or bacteria – you can get one here or on Amazon.

1. HIV

2. Swine Flu

3. Penicillin

4. Papillomavirus

5. Syphilis

6. Bacteriophage

7. Bird Flu

8. Listeria

9. Gonorrhea

10. Malaria

11. Rabies

12. Yoghurt

13. Red Blood Cell

14. Brain Cell

15. Fat Cell


17. Herpes

18. Chlamydia

19. Platelet

20. Sperm

If you like these Microbe Plush Toys  – you can get one from Amazon or their official e-store here.


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