20 Cool Things You Can Make With A Pizza Box

Wait! Did they call it stupid? No way! You can use a pizza box to create almost anything you can imagine – from a solar powered oven to a computer, and they call it stupid? What’s really stupid is the boxes that say “to open, push here.“

We just hope you’re not on a diet, because this post can and will make you want to order a pizza. Well, at least we got really hungry while making this list.

Without further ado, below are 20 awesome things you can do with a pizza box!

1. Pizza Box Laptop Stand

Source: behance.net

2. Pizza Box Football

Source: craftymamablog.com

3. Pizza Box Wall Art


Source: unknown

4. DIY Square Ring Flash

Source: diyphotography.net

5. A Solar-Powered S’more Oven

Source: spoonful.com


6. DIY Pizza Box Stencil

Source: houzz.com

7. Pizza Box Play Kitchen

Source: teachpreschool.org

8. DIY Pizza Box Easel

Source: mymakedo.com

9. Skeeball-inspired Games

Source: instructables.com

10. DIY Pizza Box Textured Puzzles

Source: teachpreschool.org

11. Pizza Box Xbox 360 Arcade Controller

Source: sclick.net

12. Pizza Box Bib When Eating Your Pizza

Source: reddit.com

13. Pizza Box Cat Bed

Source: ruthbleakley.com

14. DIY Wall Clock

Source: mermagblog.com

15. Bird’s Nest

Source: ourbigearth.com

16. Battleshots

Source: upcycledaroundtown.com

17. Pizza Box Drawers

Source: debduzscrappin.blogspot.com

18. Indoor Hopscotch

Source: happyhooligans.ca

19. Samurai Halloween Costume

Source: slice.seriouseats.com

20. Pizza Box Computer

Source: techeblog.com


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