AoC Photo Competition 21st March 2015, International Forest Day

To celebrate and to remember the International Forest Day we the Angel of Class made a photo competition to our classmate. They have to take photo with some plant. So here is all the participant just three because this our first time so maybe they still didn’t believe in us haha. Congratulation for the first place Ivo Sefrianila

1. Grace Ivo Sefrianila

21 Maret 2015 - Grace Ivo Sefrianila   21 Maret 2015 - Grace Ivo Sefrianila2

2. Andrea Kornelis

21 Maret 2015 - Andrea Kornelis

3. Kesya Palampin Sesa

21 Maret 2015 - Kesya Palampin Sesa


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